Make my facebook comments private

2019-11-21 18:11

Every time I like or comment on a post, that post appears on the news feed of all my friends. Is there any way to change that and make my likes and comments visible only to the author of the post and the people who can see the post?How can the answer be improved? make my facebook comments private

On Facebook, you can control the visibility of posts using the audience selector tool. If you don't want others to see comments made on your profile (timeline), adjusting the privacy settings to make content viewable only by you keeps them invisible from everyone else.

How! If you dont have a Facebook account Go to Facebook. Sign up for an account. If at all possible, use a private email address that you dont use elsewhere. Well make sure Facebook doesnt allow people to find you via your email address, but its best to be on the safe side. How to Hide Your Likes on Facebook Are your FB likes raising eyebrows? Here's how to keep them private. Share Pin Email Print Peter DazeleyThe Image BankGetty Images Social Media. Social Networks Facebook Instagram How to Make Your Likes Private. 0: 55.make my facebook comments private Jul 16, 2014  Learn how to change your Facebook privacy settings in order to stop people who are not your friends from seeing anything on your profile. CLICK HERE to wat

Make my facebook comments private free

Jan 11, 2010 How do you make facebook comments and recent activity private? & in the bottom of your comment you see that there is option comment share or like go to the comment& comment what ever you want& if you want to some Buddy see your wall go to the privacy setting& mange the setting set on only friend. i think of i will make my facebook comments private This weeks# SocialMediaMinute will cover how to make cover photos private to the public on Facebook. In my previous tutorial on hiding and limiting past Facebook posts and making albums private As a social giant, Facebook offers so many features to its users regarding their privacy. As long as you are a Facebook user, you can control almost everything you do, post, and share on Facebook, and you can make your Facebook Profile More Private. You can make a post visible to Public (for anyone to see), Friends (so only people who are friends with you on Facebook can see it), Only Me (a post that is private just for yourself) or make a custom privacy setting so only certain friends can see it (like just your immediate family, for example). If you really want to keep your Facebook photos, likes, and comments private, heres what you need to do 1. Doublecheck the Facebook audience selector before posting a photo or a new update

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