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2019-10-22 14:43

You can. Simply click the Share button under a post. However, note that some posts may not have a share button if the privacy settings of the user or post do not allow.Open the Facebook app on your Android Phone. Now, choose any video from the news feed of Facebook. Then, click on the dropdown icon of that Video which is at the top of right side of that Video. Now, click on the Copy link option. Then, open WhatsApp and choose any Contact with whom you want to share that Video. share post facebook iphone app

I have an iPhone. I used to be able to see a post on my newsfeed and hit share then write post and it would give me an option to share to my own timeline or a friend's timeline. It doesn't anymore and I want to be able to share a post directly into their timeline without tagging them and for everyone to see. My iPad does this from the app

i want to post a string to the facebook wall from my iphone app like. . sharing the status in facebook. presently i am doing like. . when i press a button after logging in, i am getting a webview with the string i want to post and with buttons 'post' and 'cancel Facebook has heard our pleas and has enabled sharing on Facebook mobile. Just update your Facebook app! It works similar to sharing from desktop, but you can see details on Mashable. The trick with sharing from mobile is to access the PC version of the Facebook website. Check out this video on how to share a Facebook post via iPhone.share post facebook iphone app To share a post you see on your News Feed: Tap Share below a post. Select Write Post in the popup menu. To choose where you want to share, tap Your timeline at the top of the menu, and select one of the following options: Your timeline. Friend's timeline. Group. A page that you manage.

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Jun 06, 2012 How to share a post from the Facebook iOS app. To share a link you'll need to be viewing the post from your News Feed. Tap on the link to open it. Next, tap on the action (or share) icon at the top of the screen. You will then be presented with three options, one of which is the ability to share the post. share post facebook iphone app On Facebook mobile on my iPhone 4 I cannot find a way to share things with others (like you can do on the website). For instance, if someone posts a link I cannot share (post it to my timeline or to a friends or send in a private message) whereas all of these options are available when using a computer.

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