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2019-09-15 06:40

In my application image has to post to Facebook, mail. Sorry i am new to windows phone. i don't have a idea. please help me. what i can do first. How to post images to facebook via windows phone? If you want to share a status you can use your facebook account on your phone using Share link taskJul 14, 2012 Can't post status updates to Facebook via Me Tile or Facebook Application I previously had an HTC Arrive on Sprint and tested it on there and it no longer can post status updated either. However the fix doesn't work for me since the Windows Phone app on Facebook isn't available any more. post facebook status via windows phone

I recently posted an update to Facebook via Microsoft and got a private message from a friend asking me how I did and if I was using a Windows phone. I thought the best answer should be a blog post because a similar private message followed.

You might have seen your friends update facebook status via iPhone 5, Blackberry, iPhone 6 etc. How do they update facebook status via anything? Like from a device that they dont have or from funny places etc. via Windows Phone (official) via SonyEricsson; Via iPhone 4S (Currently not working, fixing it) We cant post a photos via Jul 19, 2013 How to get windows logo on facebook status by Windows Mobile? ? I've noticed that when some people post their status updates using Windows Phone, they have the little Windows logo attached to it. When I post something from my WP7. 8, it only show Windows Phone onlypost facebook status via windows phone Posts must have Windows phone as the central subject; Duplicate posts will be removed (Search before you post) If you're posting about your move to another platform, post it in the dedicated thread. Ignoring this rule will result in a ban. How to post a status to facebooktwitter using Cortana? (self. windowsphone)

Post facebook status via windows phone free

Jun 22, 2014 via Windows Phone Only when posting from a WP7 or WP8 device. Posting from Me tile, or sharing a photo to Facebook. You cannot get this with WP8. 1. via Facebook for Windows Phone If on WP7 or WP8 device, you can only get this by posting your stuff through the Facebook application. You only get this on WP8. 1. post facebook status via windows phone Dont have any smart device? still want to update your Facebook status showing via that device? Then you are at the right place as you can update status via difference devices ranging from an Android phone to an iPhone. Your facebook friends will be amazed to see your status updates which are posted from different devices like an Ipad, Blackberry etc. It's Look like this. via iPhone 6 via BlackBerry via Windows Phone via Amazon Now you can updates your statuses with so many devices and many other things. Below we provides you a list of that devices. Facebook status via Windows Phone (self. windowsphone) submitted 3 years ago by alvavlad. I don't use Facebook much and never post status updates, but yes, the old Facebook integration was removed in 8. 1. The first time you set up the phone and add your Facebook account, it redirects you to the Store to download the official FB app. Windows Phone Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of Windows Phone OS. Join them; it only takes a minute: How to post status with picture in Facebook Pages? Ask Question 1. How can I post status with picture to Facebook Pages? (it is community page and posts are under page identity)

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