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From the Experts: Snipe by Ed Adams, illustrations by Henry Hill Originally published in Sailing World, May 1993, reprinted with permission If you could timewarp a Snipe sailor from 1977 to a present day regatta it would seem only vaguely familiar to him.Snipe. Serious Sailing, Serious Fun! Designed in 1931 and raced around the world, the Snipe celebrated its 80th birthday in 2011. While many boat designs and classes have come and gone, the Snipe and the Snipe Class have thrived. Key to the class success is the camaraderie shared by Snipe sailors both on and off the water. snipe sailing forum

Used Set of Racing Sails Wanted Wanted used set of Snipe sails with sail bag and battens, in good usable condition (donated, but will pay shippinghandling).

Aug 29, 2018 The official site for Snipe sailing in Canada. The Deed Of Gift for the Leckie Trophy stipulates that the Snipe Canadian Championships Regatta shall have three races to constitute a regatta, and after the original attempt in Toronto back in early July only managed one light air race, the Canadian Snipe sailors decided to try again at Guelph Lake on Sept. 1617. The Snipe Class International Racing Association was formed in 1932 and proudly claims the motto Serious Sailing, Serious Fun. The Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) is asnipe sailing forum Thanks Denise. One of the other sailnet members just capsized his Snipe while sailing solo see my thread Single handing a Snipe page 3 to read his story. His mast broke. That is why I want to do this. And to carry my wife and two kids. It is a real tippy boat. I am willing to forfeit some speed due to the increased weight and drag from the

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Looking for Snipe parts and rigging? APS has the selection, pricing, technical information and experienced sailing staff to satisfy your sailing gear needs. snipe sailing forum Ive written a lot about my Snipe family, a devoted group that, like me, travels the country and the world to race this 15foot boat. Ive also written about Why I Sail a Snipe, and even about my trailer (nicknamed the Frankentrailer). But what about the boat itself? After all, thats what brought us all together in 2018 Women's Snipe World Championship, Newport, Rhode Island. 635 likes. We are pleased to announce the 2018 Women's Snipe World Championship in Newport The Snipe& Class History. Back To Homepage. About the Snipe Class In 2011 the Snipe celebrated 80 years of being one of the top, one design, international, racing sail boats. Designed in 1931, the Snipe has consistently been one of the top two person sailboat racing dinghies in the USA and throughout the World. In the USA, Snipe sailing Sep 20, 2016 I picked up a Snipe a few years ago, it just made it to the front of the line of boats to sort out. It is a mid70s Chubasco and a few things are not obvious how to deal with and are different than boats I see online. 1. Mainsail tack is cut back away from gooseneck in a curve. There is no tack f

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