Cant send pictures in facebook messages

2019-09-15 07:05

Facebook users around the world are having difficulties with the Messenger app today. Over the last few hours, many have reported that they are unable to send or receive pictures and messages.cant send pictures or files through facebook messenger. Related Help Center FAQs; How do I send or receive money through Facebook using messages? Can apps message me through Facebook Messages? I can't change my profile picture. How do I add a file to my message on Facebook? How do I delete a Facebook profile picture? How do I share a Facebook cant send pictures in facebook messages

why you blocking some people to send a message? ? you know what? ? that is true some person i acceperted and added are person that i dont really know. . is that wrong? ? its a social media to know other people and meet them on cyber space even in reality. . right! ! facebook is a social media its a freedom of person. . im real person. . im using my real name and my real photo. . now i cant send

Mar 29, 2019 How to Send Messages on Facebook. Add items to your messages if you like. You can send photos, stickers, or other content through Facebook as well: If you don't see the Share option, the post can't be shared as a message. 4. Click Send as Message. It's in the dropdown menu. Doing so opens a popup window. 5. Why can't I move my Facebook app to my phone's SD card? Ask a Question why cant i send photos or messages from my phone to my facebook page anymore? th. Sharing& Connecting. Photos. Asked about 6 years ago by Terri. 101 Votes 47 Followers. Good Question; Follow this Questioncant send pictures in facebook messages Oct 09, 2018 Facebook can't upload photos or files. However I don't want to put all photo and files on FB in order to post or send messages. I am using Window 7, IE 10, Safari Can't upload

Cant send pictures in facebook messages free

When your iPhone wont send pictures, the problem is usually with text messages or iMessages not with both. In other words, pictures will send with iMessages, but wont send with text picture messages or vice versa. cant send pictures in facebook messages I can't send messages to friends on Facebook. Can't enlarge pictures sent via messages. Chat& Messages. Photos. Last week I could click on the photos in my message box and enlarge them, but for some reason I can't now. Any help mcuh appreciated. Asked about 6 years ago by Emma. 126 votes I can't send messages. Hi Tamika, Thank you for sharing your question with the Community. If you can't send messages to friends on Facebook, please try these troubleshooting tips: I mean try sending only 23 pictures at a time to make it a bit easier for cellular to send them. If the message is sent successfully, you should see the blue bubble. It means that the problem is fixed. Now assume your Facebook cannot send messages on Chrome, you can try to open Facebook in Incognito mode. STEP 1: Click Customize and control Google Chrome icon (three vertically placed dots) in the top right corner of Chrome window.

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