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2019-10-18 18:06

Permissions. For Posts on a User: That User's access token with the userposts permission, or; That User's access token, if that User used the app to create the Post, or; The app's access token, if that User has previously granted the app the userposts permission, or; The access token for a friend of that User, with the userfriends permission, if that User has already granted the app bothA script to bulk edit Facebook post privacy settings Facebook Graph API does not offer a way to modify post privacy settings, so my script needs you to steal cookies from a logged in browser, and send resuests emulating the browser to modify post privacy settings. Download the code from Github facebook api modify post

If you shared your post from a thirdparty app (example: Spotify, a news site) or a photo album, you won't be able to delete photos from your post. If your post in a group only includes one photo, you can't delete the photo without deleting your entire post. Learn more about how to post to a Facebook group.

When you create an account for an app or game using Facebook, you can give it permission to share your activity or personal information. How do I control my permissions when I create an account for an app or game? Keep in mind that you can edit your privacy settings for an app or game at any time. Was this information helpful? Yes. No. Apr 28, 2015 Along with the friends data API change, Facebook is now requiring all apps to use its new login system, which gives users more granular control over what data they give developers. One for allfacebook api modify post Jun 27, 2017 Instagram API Upgrades to Facebook Graph API August 31 2017 As part of our continuing efforts to stop the spread of misinformation and false news on our platform, earlier this year at F8 we announced an important change to our Graph API: Graph API version 2. 9 includes a 90 day deprecation of the ability to edit previews attached to link posts.

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I could set custom picture and caption for link. Now it is impossible for v2. 9. Is there some kind of workaround without specifying og: tags. When using Facebook Graph v2. 8, you could post a link and display a custom image and not the og: image . facebook api modify post Share post on Facebook using PHP Submit post to Facebook wall from website using PHP and Facebook Graph API. Example PHP script to publish Facebook post from website to timeline using Facebook PHP SDK v5. 0 and Graph API. For a temporary workaround to displaying events from Facebook pages that you are not an admin of, please see this FAQ. Using your own Access Token On April 24th, 2018, Facebook made a change to their platform where any developer app which is still in Development mode will no longer be able to retrieve public data from their API. Is it possible to edit wall posts? If so, how can I do this? Anyhow, I'd like to replace a wall post with modified one. Wall posts often fail to read meta data which is provided by open graph elements when I post a link to Wall through my app.

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