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2019-09-15 06:56

Customize Facebook with Adblock Plus Help your friends surf the web without annoying ads. Block all Facebook annoyances show details Right Sidebar Trending, Music Pages You May Like, Entertainment Pages You May Like, Add to Movies, Add to TV Shows, People You May Know, Rate To Add To Your Movies, Rate To Add To Your TV Shows, Rate Books You'veOn Facebook, the F. B. Purity Chrome extension will remove trending topics and several other common annoyances. (You can turn everything else back on. ) (You can turn everything else back on. ) facebook trending blocker

Oct 31, 2014 Internet How to hide Facebook's Trending Topics sidebar. Browser plugin F. B. Purity lets you block this and other unwanted Facebook elements.

Jan 29, 2015 When I tell it to block that section it shows to add this; facebook. com# # # u00 then this to get google to search. However instead it loaded facebook, with the trending gone. I shut down the browser, re opened in facebook. com and trending gone. Almost like ABP didnt do anything until it got a direct Facebook does not currently allow users to disable the trending box. Some Facebook users, Never thought about blocking the crap on ad block. Totally works. And ONE! ! ! ! ! Reply. George West says. July 10, 2015 at 4: 35 am. It is very useful, thank you! I will try to apply this knowledge in practice.facebook trending blocker Jan 19, 2019 Is there a way to block trending topics? I allow my kids to read MSN news, but block categories. Now I have a problem with pictures that show up in trending topics. Do I have to stop letting my kids How do i block Trending topics? Is there a way to block trending topics? I allow my kids to read MSN news, but block categories.

Facebook trending blocker free

Also, each app that you block may impact other areas of functionality. For instance, if you use Spotify or Yahoo! News from within Facebook, blocking these apps to stop them from posting to your Trending Articles might also cause them to not work in other areas of Facebook. facebook trending blocker

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